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Welcome to your new league website!

 How to Register

If you are a parent looking to register your children, or an athlete looking to register yourself, you can do so with TeamLinkt.

You can either navigate to your leagues website and find the register page, or navigate to the registration URL given to you by someone within your league.

When you find the registration page, it will look similar to the image below. You simply pick the correct registration form from the drop down menu and click Get Started.

Once you are on the registration form, you can select the correct group you want to register for and click Continue.

You will be prompted to select either Myself or A Family Member to register for. Select Myself if you are registering yourself, or A Family Member if you are registering for a child or other family member.

Once you have chosen who you are registering for, you will either have to sign in with your TeamLinkt account, or create a TeamLinkt account if you do not already have one.

If you are registering a child / family member, make sure you either select the correct person or click Add a Family Member to add the family member to your family.

Once those steps have been completed, you can continue filling in the required information for the form until the payment step. Then you can either pay online if that's required or choose to pay later / offline. (Note: Those options are set by the league, so they may not all be available)

Once you have successfully registered, make sure you get the TeamLinkt app to stay up to date with Team events, scores, stats, chat and more! Just follow this link: Get the TeamLinkt App